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  • Network Optimization Software

    As more and more devices are connected to the internet, families
    and co-workers are competing more than ever for precious
    bandwidth. Freezing video, stuttering voice calls, and game lag
    can be all caused by network contention. Rivet Networks solves
    these problems with its all-new SmartByteTM Technology.
    SmartByte detects and prioritizes your critical video and
    communication traffic to ensure your online video experience
    will be fast, and smooth. Intelligently delivering the right
    packets at the right time can dramatically improve the
    performance of networked applications and websites.

  • Carrier Grade Solutions

    Improve your end-customer experience and reduce support calls
    by offering SmartByte technology from Rivet Networks. SmartByte
    patented technology detects, classifies, and prioritizes network
    traffic going through the gateway/router so that even/one gets the
    optimal bandwidth they need for the applications and websites
    they use.

  • Home Router Solutions

    SmartByte technology optimally manages network traffic to ensure
    that the most important applications get the bandwidth they need
    to perform at the optimal level. Rivet Networks offers multiple
    solutions to companies that deliver routers, gateways, Wi-Fi
    extenders, and other home networking equipment.

Extreme Performance in Gaming and Multimedia

For the most demanding customer, Rivet offers the Killer Prioritization Engine to bring unprecedented speed,
intelligence, and control to your home network. Currently available exclusively on the Linksys WRT32X WieFi
Gaming Router, the Killer Prioritization Engine paired with a Killer enabled PC allows Killer technology to
manage both sides of the network connection to create an unparalleled gaming and multimedia
experience The Killer Prioritization Engine automatically identifies gaming systems with Killer Networking
components and prioritizes their real-time and streaming traffic above online activities from other devices
in the home. This will give gamers the low latencies and bandwidth they need for fast and lag-free gaming