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Today, more than ever before, we stay connected with friends, family, and co-workers online. We entertain ourselves by streaming our favorite TV shows and movies. Computers are integral to how we interact with the world, and all too often our computers are busy with email, Microsoft updates, and other software downloads.  These updates consume your networking bandwidth and cause stuttering video and poor video resolution.  Usually it is not your computer’s CPU or GPU causing the problem – it is your networking.All around the world, networking has become the bottleneck that prevents us from having great communication and entertainment experiences. If our computers get overloaded with data from downloads or other networked applications then our online video experiences suffer. We’ve all experienced the frustration of trying to watch an online video, only to have it freeze and stutter.  Even after it buffers and starts playing again, it is often hard to enjoy because we worry about when it will freeze next.

Rivet Networks solves these problems with its all-new SmartByte™ Technology. SmartByte detects and prioritizes your critical video and communication traffic to ensure your online video experience will be fast, smooth and at the highest resolution your network can support.  SmartByte delivers your video and communication packets faster and eliminates up to 95% of video packet loss so that you get the video performance you need.

With its three-level priority system, SmartByte prioritizes real-time video communication first, streaming video second, then other traffic third.   By prioritizing your video and real-time communication packets above the network traffic for less critical applications, SmartByte delivers your critical packets up to 50% faster.   SmartByte ensures nothing on your computer is stealing the valuable network bandwidth that you need to have a great online video experience.

So enjoy your online videos with confidence because SmartByte will ensure that you get the video experience you deserve.