Optimize Your Wireless Connection

How do you know that you are connected to the best network access point?  When should you switch to a access points?  These difficult questions can have a major impact on you wireless performance.

Rivet Networks’ Wi-Fi Optimizer automatically scores the access points around you based on key quality metrics and then makes a recommendation if a better access point is found.  You can also enable an auto-mode that will automatically switch you to the best access point that you have credentials for. Always being connected to the right access point will significantly improve your WiFi experience.

The WiFi Optimizer also enables you to use multiple network adapters at the same time.  In most situations, this will mean simultaneously using your WiFi and Ethernet interfaces (Windows will only let you use one at a time).  Using both interfaces increases usable throughput and ensures that new connections are being sent to a healthy interface.  If one interface is not performing well, then the WiFi Optimizer will switch all new traffic to the other interface until both interfaces are healthy again.